I get high potential, overlooked people on the radar

Under pressure to fit in or change, but don't know how?

Going around in circles, struggling to build your reputation?

Want to focus on the bigger picture, but the day to day takes over?

Unsure what you want and in conflict externally and internally?

Well I can help
I've been


I see that there are specific challenges in the business world for those with high-potential. People at all levels are afraid of losing their influence, confidence and sense of direction.

The reasons include the unrelenting focus on cutting costs and a constant need to innovate or change in order to stay relevant. You’re only as good as your most recent success.

The result is dramatic, unsustainable daily pressure, leaving people unable to see the wood for the trees. Worse still, you can sometimes become a scapegoat or see your business rapidly decline. You end up going around in circles, desperately trying to maintain a positive direction and momentum.

It’s OK, I have the solution.

My many years in business helping decision makers and investors decide who’s in and who’s out gives me a unique insight. I know what gets that endorsement.

I’ve been one of those business owners charged with reducing numbers in order to stay competitive. I’ve watched leaders in private conversations downplay a person’s technical skills in favour of someone more popular and politically savvy. I myself have been a corporate leader championed by the MD one month, only to be managed out by my boss the next.

With this knowledge and experience, I have created a powerful series of programmes both at sea and on dry land, that get overlooked high-potential people and their ideas firmly on the radar for all the right reasons.

My mission is to lift the veil and help you succeed despite your inner critic, and in spite of your adversaries. My clients come to me unclear how to realise their potential and leave me having already taken steps towards fulfilment.

If you think it’s about what you need to do, you are missing the point. It’s about how you do it.

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Barry’s approach has fundamentally shifted the structure and focus of our senior manager team. He encourages leaders to get to the heart of the issue quickly. His style positively promotes asking yourself the difficult questions that generate appropriate decisions and actions for positive change.



Marcus, Senior Consutant

I attended a leadership event with Barry on his boat out of Brighton Marina. The mix of other attendees was broad and Barry’s approach was excellent, observing and then providing excellent feedback and recommendations on how I can be a stronger leader. It’s now easy to understand my pressures and how different people’s management styles can be perceived by others.

Kate, Sales Manager

The whole experience was incredibly thought provoking. I was taken out of my comfort zone but in a reassuring way, and allowed to work out solutions in my way rather than being told what to do. I was surprised how relevant it was to every aspect of my life, both home and professional.


Farah, Philanthropist

I love ‘The Leader Ship’ metaphor, challenging my own self-belief and competencies. I loved being thrown in at the ‘deep end’. The open and honest feedback was really appreciated and very helpful. Would love it to be 2 days as I enjoyed it and learned so much; it showed how it can be a lonely place for us leaders in our respective fields.


Chico, Associate Director

I decided to attend his Leader Ship training which was an innovative approach to personal development and coaching taken outside of the traditionally sterile hotel meeting room. The day was incredibly reflective and Barry was able to highlight areas in my leadership style which helped me to build up my resilience and reputation. I didn’t think I’d have aching muscles after attending coaching!

Michelle, Vice President Processes and Systems

I was adamant this morning that more technical/practical experience was necessary, but reflecting on the day overall I’m not sure I would have learnt so much. Sometimes I missed guidance or idea’s, but now I understand that was the point!

Andrew, CEO

So many of the egos and temperaments get lost in the days’ hustle and bustle. This definitely brings out ‘character’.

Joachim, Product Manager

Brilliant concept to put leaders under stress on a boat and see how they behave. There was strong guidance and management that contributed to the day being so successful. I think the use of sailing was a fantastic idea.

Caroline, Senior Talent Development Consultant

We have a plethora of managers who like myself have come up through the ‘ranks’. The concept of what being a leader means has not really been address before – but after this experience, it’s now clearly necessary for the future of our business.

Kevin, Teacher

This is for anyone who wants to be able to confront new situations with an open mind.

Tony, Managing Director Global Banking

Creating a unique, challenging, constructive environment. Privileged group as it was so small (good thing) It’s all about the name The Leader Ship. Genius, brilliantly described and very clear now.

Nigel, Project Manager

Reality vs. classroom – we were actually going around in circles! Not knowing the other delegates and being at sea added a completely different dynamic to my learning that made it far, far richer. It’s a totally unique experience.